We are creating a leader in the development and manufacturing of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals through a unique ecosystem of successful entrepreneurs and companies.

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Who we are

A Swedish and European company investing in the best entrepreneurs and companies to create an unprecedented offering.

Our Values

In order to grow, we want to create the best customer and quality offering there is. We think this is done by investing in leading production capabilities, manufacturing technology, digital/AI and, most importantly, people.

Our ecosystem

Wellma's unique ecosystem provides opportunities to unlock even more potential for example through access to new customers, pooling material purchasing and investments.

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ABout us

We are a group of entrepreneurs with a shared passion to build an industry leader

Wellma is a European group of entrepreneurial, customer-focused companies making a positive impact through high quality production to the nutraceuticals and pharma industries.

Today, Wellma offer specialized production capabilities including tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and coating enabling us to deliver a leading customer offering to brand owners.

Wellma currently consists of a Swedish, a German, a Dutch and an Italian company with in total seven production sites (including partner sites) across Europe and HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.

Wellma is founded by Systematic Growth, experts on building leading company groups. They have previously built four groups, always focusing on entrepreneur-led companies with a strong market position, unique capabilities and high profit margins.

Certifications achieved by our group companies
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Why join Wellma

Being part of our ecosystem provides unique opportunities

We bring together entrepreneurial companies with the aim to create  a leading customer offering with unique production capabilities supporting each other through the ecosystem.

Being part of our family provides many opportunities (but no obligations) to benefit from being part of a group.

We are always looking for new companies and entreprenurs to invest in – reach out if you want to know more

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Our Strategy

Creating a leading player in
wellness manufacturing

We invest in successful niche companies in the nutraceutical & pharmaceutical space.
We believe 1+1=3 (at least). Previous success stories show additional value from being a group.
We help our entrepreneurs to unlock even more potential through a smorgasbord of opportunities.
We trust our model empowering entrepreneurs to continue to lead their companies.
We provide a very attractive financial upside for entrepreneurs in our group.

Entrepreneurial team with significant hands-on experience

Alexander Leppänen
Michael Pedretti
Christian Merup
Erik Lidman
Group Expansion & Investments
Mia Mattsson
Business Development
Carl Sterner
Project Manager
Fabian Geisler
Managing Director
Tom Geleijnse
Managing Director
Alexander Marklund
Managing Director
Mattia Spoldi
Managing Director
Benjamin Hailemariam
Marketing Director

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